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eTime-Table Software

eTime-Table Software is comprehensive time table management solutions for schools & colleges, which helps in overcoming the challenges.

The Need
Time -Table creation and maintenance for an institute is a complex job, which is bound by many governing factors. The Time-Table should be in such a manner that the periods allocated to the teachers and classes fulfill certain criterions and constraints.

Simple Data Entry
It is quick and easy to enter all subjects, classrooms, teachers and their workload.

Automatic Generating
In few minutes, the software generates a complete timetable that fulfils all your requirements. It handles the constraints with respect to teachers, classes, labs, continuous periods for a particular subject, combined classes taken by one or more teachers, the maximum number of periods taken by a teacher and so on.

Verification of The Time Table
The program verifies the data entered and helps you remove standard entry errors. It also verifies, whether the created timetable fulfils all conditions. You can make changes to the timetable, and the program notifies you, in case of wrong changes.

Intuitive And Friendly Interface

Very little learning is required to fully operate the software. The interface is so simple even your teachers can use it.

The Fast And Easy Way To Manage Your School Substitutions
You no longer need to manually calculate absences and substitutions because eTime-Table automatically compiles daily and monthly reports. eTime-Table efficiently handles daily substitution for teachers not available or absent. It also takes care into account teacher leaves and teacher availability. Periods are distributed within a week in such a manner that all teachers tend to get a balanced workload.

Automatic Summary Reports And Daily Printouts
  • Daily substitution printouts for teachers and students.
  • Summaries for absences and substitutions for any specified time period.
  • It also computes overtime for every teacher.


Generates Ready to Upload Time Table on Your Website
The software provides facility to generate web files (html format) for displaying the class wise Time Table on your website within no time.

eTime-Table Is Extremely Powerful

  • eTime-Table can be easily configured for a school having any no of working days.
  • eTime-Table also takes the personal details (address, phone, etc.) of teachers for any future reference.
  • eTime-Table lets you associate a subject to a room, lab or special room. This helps in preparing the lab or room time-table automatically.
  • eTime-Table allows you to define grouped subjects e.g. Biology / Computer Science, Physics / Chemistry Practicals. These grouped subjects can be allocated to a class and it automatically means the class gets divided and goes in for two different subjects.
  • eTime-Table can generate the complete time-table for the school within the defined constraints.
  • eTime-Table takes care of the combined classes, continuous periods for a class.
  • Daily substitution for Absent Teachers, Teachers on leave or for teachers who are not available can be easily generated within 5 minutes.
  • Teacher Leaves too can be marked in advance.
  • Different sets of work allotments e.g. Std 1 to 5 - 7 periods per day & Std 6 to 12 - 8 periods per day can be done.
  • You can set different time duration for periods(e.g. 1st Period 1 hour, 2nd Period 45 min. etc.)
  • You can set preference for difficult subjects to occupy starting periods in the time table.
  • Stores more than one time tables for later use.
  • eTime-Table provides the facility to shift time of entire time table.
  • Fulfills the requirements of CBSE / Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and State Boards

On Screen Views

  • Daily Teachers Time-Table – Shows you the time-table for a particular day for all the teachers.
  • Master Time-Table for Teachers - Shows you the time-table for a particular day for all the teachers
  • Master Time-Table for Classes- Shows you the time-table for a particular day for all the classes
  • Teacher Status– Shows when the teachers are busy for the complete week.
  • Class wise Subjects– Shows all the classes & their respective subjects along with the nos. of periods.
  • Subject wise-Classes– Shows all the classes taking this subject with the nos. of periods in a week.
  • Teacher wise-Subjects– Shows the subject and nos. of periods taken by a teacher.
  • Class wise-Teachers– Shows all the teachers teaching a class.
  • Subject wise-Teachers– Shows all the teachers teaching a particular subject.
  • Teacher wise-Weekly Periods– Shows the total number of periods taken by a teacher in a week.
  • Class wise-Incharges – Shows the respective Incharges for the Classes.
  • Classwise-Assignments – Shows classwise allocations with respect to assignable periods in the   workload.

Complete Print
You can print your timetable. The program automatically creates timetables for each teacher or classroom. It creates summary timetables of teachers or classrooms for the entire school. Once printed it helps you easily assign substituting teachers when necessary. You can specify which teachers or classrooms you want to print in each timetable.

  • Class Time-Table
  • Teacher Time-Table
  • Lab/Room Time Table
  • Teacher Master Time-Table
  • Class Master Time-Table
  • List of Teachers
  • List of Subjects
  • List of Labs/Rooms
  • List of Period Wise Free Teachers
  • Teacher wise Subjects
  • Classes of a Teacher
  • Free Periods of a Teacher
  • Class wise –Teachers
  • Subject wise-Teachers
  • Substitute Teachers Report
  • Absent Teacher wise Substitutions
  • Teacher Incharges List
  • Checking of total Working Hours per week details for the teachers.


You Can Add Our Timetabling Software Even If Your School Is Already Using A School Management System From Other Company.